Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Getting started on 2009 a bit early....

Well, there are a few things on my 2009 list of to-do’s as I am sure there are on your list too. I don’t really make resolutions, just try to remember I’m a work in progress and I need to keep progressing. Here’s my 2009 list and I’ve even started already and it’s not even 2009 yet - yippee!

1. Take off a few pounds, just like always, I have packed on a few over the holidays and have already started an exercise routine with my videos and elliptical machine.
2. Plan a garden that produces better than last year…maybe a few more varieties of things I haven’t tried before. Work on greenhouse plans to extend the season and start more plants from seeds. Got a whole bunch of old windows sitting around and lots of rocks for a rock foundation so it’s definitely on the list.
3. Do more dyeing and working with my fleeces. Actually process them by the time we shear the next year. Ha. Always good intentions but I’ve finally bagged up my wool from the last 2 years that I didn’t get to process and will market it through the wool pool in June to clear some out.
4. Read more. Stress less.
5. Make time each day for a devotional/quiet time. I’ll probably get a bible study book that focuses on a topic as that helps me when I’m not in a group.
6. Ride my horse more and along with that, get TC’s navicular problem figured out and treated. I’ve been saving up money to have him “nerved”…expensive and I wasn’t sure I really wanted to do this but something needs to take place and the vet suggested this solution.
7. Have some fun and nurture new friendships. Like today I went to lunch with my friend, June. I’m not a big lunch-doer, but it was fun as she and I have so much to talk about and she’s so easy-going and relaxed. I love a girl who will wear her snow-packs to a restaurant in town. That’s my kind of friend!
8. This year I am going to try to either do without or buy local or make do with what I have.
9. Landscape the side yard now that the chickens are gone - flowerbed ruiner’s! But they were sweet to have roaming around but no more of that! Next chickens will live enclosed in a run and their house. I miss those eggs for sure.
10. Keep my family close.
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