Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Third time's a charm

Okay, I've written 3 posts and once the ISP kicked me off and another time my pic wouldn't load. I spent so much time messing with my new camera software and then it hung up my computer when I tried to close it...I just gave up!

Been sewing and knitting and working and watching lambs grow. Here's a purse I just finished from Uncommon Crochet. So I haven't been really knitting but rather crocheting. Duh. Anyhow, let's try the picture and see if I can seize up the computer again.

Hey, wa-la! It worked. This new software on my new digital camera doesn't make it easy to shrink the picture sizes for online use and quicker loading. That was the problem.

So okay, this is a bamboo yarn...pretty eco-friendly I guess. Then the handles are 100% wool washed in my Wonder Wash table-top hand crank machine. I had to crank it for a while but it worked well. Good exercise, right? Then there is sewing on a crocheted bag. Guess this is where the uncommon comes in...mixed media! I made a lining with pockets and a clasp for keys, etc. It turned out pretty big though and the handle is too wide and too long for a sling type of use so it's a mailbag type of purse...over one shoulder and bag hangs on the other side of the body.

The lambs are growing like weeds. Here's a funny story - the yearling ewes run and play with the lambs in the evenings. The lambs have races from hill to hill every evening and they play king of the mountain. Butt heads and buck and act really silly and race around like gyroscopes. Well, the yearling ewes are as big as the mother ewes almost and they are running with the lambs. It makes me think of a study in sheep psychology...have to wonder if the maturity of sheep would be slower if they were allowed to be kids for a while longer. Usually they get bred and have kids around now but this year we didn't breed up the youngsters. Just something to ponder.

Been outside a lot gardening, mowing, planting bedding plants in my new flower beds around the house. One of the dogs has been digging and I have a feeling it's the Boston Terrier, Daisy. Of course, I can't catch her so I can scold her. After years of chickens digging in everything, I am not going to let the dogs destroy my new beds so "it's on, baby...just let me catch you!"

Later. Jami
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