Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Scored a nice little chair from Freecycle!

I scored a nice chair (actually a glide rocker) from Freecycle recently. Maybe you haven't heard of  Freecycle.org? It's an online listserve organized by locality where folks list free stuff and can get free stuff. You sign up for your local area and there is no shipping involved. It's a pickup and drop-off type of swapping. Local yokel only. This chair has been Freecycled (now it's a verb..look at that!) at least twice so far. And I daresay someday I will pass it along as well. But  not quite yet....cause I've got big plans for it.

I have received a sewing machine ---and a rack for drying wool plus this chair so far from Freecycle. I've given away a ton of stuff too...and it's surprising what people will want or give away. I fixed up the sewing machine and gifted it to my sister-in-law, who was machine-less.

Geez, new furniture is expensive even when it's cheap stuff. Ya know? I've been looking for a chair for the guest room for a while and now I don't have to back burner the chair any longer!

The chair needs:
  • a good scrubbing - CHECK!
  • a couple of screws to sturdy it up - CHECK!
  • a paint job - UNDERWAY
  • new seat and back cushions
So, I need some advice on what fabric to use for the new cushions. I'll be back with the process of fixing up the chair with photos. For now, it's in pieces so I could scrub it and primer the pieces in preparation for painting.

Wind is blowing too hard to paint tonight (spray paint) so I took a 3.5 mile walk around the block with Windy. She is not nearly as leash friendly as the pup, Beau. But she improved a lot after a couple of miles. It's the first time I've taken her for a long walk like that.

Happy trails.

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