Saturday, June 20, 2009

Making hay while the sun shines

Hello out there!!!! I hear an echo and I don't blame you for not tuning it because I haven't been into posting much lately. Life has been busy and duty calls so been taking care of business.

We're baling today...yeah! Always good to get to that point. Rain threatened to postpone us some and did but not too badly with the nice breeze (LOL...Ellensburg and a nice breeze, go figure!)

Weaning lambs tomorrow. Hasn't time just flown? Here we were lambing and now we're weaning. Off to market for half of them in July.

On the fun front - I've been sewing a heckuva lot and having fun. I even have been spinning some too! Took a road trip to Wyoming...I'll have pics on my Flickr soon.

On the working front - about ready for the ram sale in July. This is my last project as WSSP secretary. The new gal is getting up to speed and she'll do just fine.

Oh, joy...I've gotten into Facebook. Any of you in FB? It's a bit too much fun because I've hooked up with people I truly have known face-to-face in my life but lost touch with. There's just something about that. Even some relatives I've never met have found me and we're keeping in touch. So my profile is in the sidebar if you want to find me there. Well, I gotta go hang out some more laundry on the line and let this slight breeze do it's work!
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