Monday, July 27, 2009

I'm so excited...and I just can't hide it....I know, I know....

Gosh, what brought that on? 80's disco fever? You should all know that's not me but today it just fits the bill.

For starters, I got up and took my 3.5 mile walk/run this morning and decided the run part wasn't going to happen today after my knee felt stiff. Think I overdid it over the previous 5 days. But, Tess, the border collie, loves the walk and so do I. This morning's 75 degrees at 7:45 am was not very welcome but a cool shower did the trick to stop the sweat.

So, then on this Monday's agenda was a stop in town to my friend, Janelle's. Janelle is a knit designer and she has come up with 2 "ewenique" designs utilizing Cooke Creek Sheep Company yarns from our girls here on the farm, both our Texel yarn and the Coopworth. I am not by any means a knit designer. I am a knitter and a shepherdess, so I felt Janelle was best suited for this idea of mine. She was and is and I plan to see what else we can come up with down the road but for now....the unveiling of the patterns and yarns will be very soon. I'm still doing the tech-y stuff to get pictures and what-not. I'll keep you posted!

Another thing I did this morning was purchase an IPod Shuffle to take on my walk/runs. It is not as intuitive as I had hoped and so far I have nary a download on the little neon green stinker. I need a teenager to help me I guess. Clearly technology is in the passing lane and I thought I could always keep up. Not so. I will have my daughter-in-law help me. Think she's a whiz at this stuff. Son is out of town.

Well, just wanted to check in, say it's hotter than hades here in Eburg and that I will be traveling to see my mom and dad for a couple of days but hopefully I'll have some pics tomorrow of the new and EXCLUSIVE Cooke Creek Sheep Co. knit designs by Janelleknits! Woo hoo. Thanks again Janelle. Great job on the designs and the beautiful samples which I will show off soon. More later.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Got a new boy on the farm, "Moses" who is named for the WSSP sale we bought him from in Moses Lake. He's a real dandy and hopefully will put some frame size onto lambs from our Texel ewes. We are going strictly crossbred this coming year and will do a purebred breeding fall of 2010.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mid July

Hi Guys:
Hope you're all having a great summer. Summer weather has waxed and waned here. Hot day, cool day, etc. Kind of breaks up any boredom, that's for sure!

Marketed 21 lambs last Saturday with 23 hopefully going next month if they make weight. So far the grass is holding out rather nicely, probably helped by the cool weather. Marketed wool to the pool on Monday so now we get to park back in the garage! Woo hoo!

Hey, I got a new horse a couple of weekends ago. Her name is Molly. She's a 3-year old Quarter Horse mare. Black with a white star and a "skunk tail" or think of Lillian Munster's hair. That's what her tail looks like. I'll get pics soon.

Gardening - raspberries are ripening nicely. Mmmm but I do love raspberries! Made a chocolate fudge zuchinni (spelling) cake last night. Nummmy.

I am trying to keep track of everyone through your blogs but it seems you're all as busy as I have been. This weekend is the ram sale in Moses Lake. If you're around there, stop in and say howdy and see a lot of sheep!

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