Monday, August 20, 2012


We've had a wildfire for the last week. 23,000+ acres burned with over 1,000 firefighters working on it and today it's over 50% contained. Yay. 48 homes lost plus outbuildings. Animals are displaced and fences are burned so lots of rebuilding going on to get critters back home. It's a tough deal for lots of folks but so much is being done to help as well. Great community effort to help those in need.

Thankful there were no lives lost and even very few animals were lost, from the reports I've read.

While I was listening to the scanner and staying abreast of where the fire was located, I sewed up a new coat for Socks, the Border Leicester ram. His fleece has grown out a lot and his old one got tight. I got this Sunbrella fabric on sale. It's a little over the top for a sheep coat but he's kinda pretty, isn't he?

I sewed this on my "new" Singer Rocketeer 500 Slant-o-Matic. What a machine! Wow!! Went through the straps and multiple layers like a champ.

I've put one for sale on Craigslist here that is a very similar model and works great. I don't need two! Pass the word. Pickup only, please.

This week I'm helping with the sheep producer's fair booth display and a float for the fair/rodeo parade over Labor Day weekend for the Friends of Animals local group. Should be fun!

Happy trails!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Plain Jane - After Photos

Here are some "after" shots of Plain Jane. See the before shots here. She, the dogs and I are taking our maiden voyage this Friday to a herding trial on the west side of the State. It's just an overnighter as we have family coming to visit for a few days, so I need to get back home but I couldn't turn down a "trial run"...pun intended. : )

I still have a few things to do but the main stuff is finished. I did this redo on the cheap. I only purchased one gallon of paint (most was paint I had leftover from other projects) and the black gingham fabric for the curtains. It's almost packed and ready to roll. Hubby just bought me a spare tire mounted on a wheel, just in case. I'll let you know how it goes when we get back.

Happy Trails!

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