Sunday, July 15, 2012

Chair Makeover Reveal

I never did show you the Freecycle glider chair BEFORE, but I do have an AFTER to show you. I ended up using way too much black spray paint to paint this chair. 5-6 cans with the primer. Fortunately, I found some extras in my storeroom and I gave up on using the same brand and finish. At $4 a pop, it was getting out of hand. I am sure this was the least cost-effective way to paint it but with the slats it was the quickest. The wind we had this spring held up the painting quite a lot as well. So, onto the cushions. The old ones were toast mainly due to this chair being in a home with a couple of cats that loved to lay in it. One of the few animals I am allergic to are cats, so new cushion foam was in order. Have you ever priced this stuff?? Wow. Even with a 40% coupon from Joann Fabrics, the cushioning alone cost $50. The original bottom was contoured around the arm supports but I decided not to try to cut this stuff. It's messy and being so thick, I wasn't sure what to use to cut it. I don't own an electric knife and I was thinking that would have been an option. The back support cushion is 2 layers of a thinner poly foam. I like how it turned out and it is so different from the original chair. It's a nice addition to the eclectic hand-me-down/yard sale furniture in my guest room. I am encouraged to try another re-do project....a previously painted but stripped dresser in our bedroom. I'll take a before photo of it before I get underway. 

Just wait until next time. I have a BIG surprise!


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