Saturday, October 13, 2012

Beau in Recovery Mode

Beau had surgery a week ago last Thursday and is doing very well in his recovery. He was my little conehead for the first few days but now he's not wearing the Elizabethan collar anymore. He's getting used to being a house dog with a lot of solitary confinement. Trazodone and sleeping pills really helped for the first week to keep him quiet and doped up, frankly. LOL. I'm saving the last 5 sleeping pills for the work days next week. He had an evening of withdrawal symptoms last week when the Trazodone ran out. He sat watching a dying fly (it's that time of year) on our wall and was really spacey acting. It was sort of funny. Then he walked around and smelled all of the furniture in the room like he'd never seen it before. If I hadn't felt so sorry for him, I would have giggled a lot. Well, heck, you know I just DID giggle a lot. He was much better the next day and no more of that oddball stuff.

He has a follow-up appointment with Dr. Davis on Thursday morning. Then we start some leash walking (more than just potty breaks outside) and at the 6-week mark he should be back to normal activity. That's pretty amazing to think about right now when he's been limping for so long, and is still limping due to the surgery. Not terribly but he is stiff when he gets our of the crate.
He and Daisy, the Boston Terrier have been sort of hanging out. They each got a bone stuffed with goodies and have been swapping them and taking turns on each one. Daisy has the jaws of life and she can really chew a bone up but these are real beef bones that have been sterilized so they seem very hard. It's entertainment is what it is. Beau needs entertainment that is quiet and keeps him lying down. I am fortunate hubby can come home at lunch and let him out for a potty break. He can take a longer lunch than me so I am appreciative of his help. Today he went up for a day long of hunting and hiking on opening day of deer season. Of course, he never saw a deer but did see a whole herd of elk and they tracked each other for a long way. He also enjoyed the new GPS and showed me his "tracks". He is really into this thing. I don't get it, but that's okay, I don't need to, right?

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