Monday, April 20, 2009

The creep area

No, not creepy people but a creep feeder for the lambs. I have no idea where that word came from but it means an area that the ewes cannot get into and the lambs can "creep" in and out at-will to get some nutrition other than mother's milk. When the lambs begin ruminating this is the feed they get....until our pasture comes in and then it's grass! The grass is certainly growing of late but it's not quite ready yet. We don't want to overgraze and kill our nice pastures so we're careful about waiting to start them on it. So for now it's dry-lot time...a bit dusty and the lambs and ewes are rather dirty and bored but it's just another week and they'll be out on pasture with a gradual titration up until they are out full time.

Here are pictures of the creep area for the lambs with homemade panels DH made and feeders from old irrigation pipe cut in half and scraps of lumber. It's working out great.

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