Friday, August 7, 2009

Name the scarf pattern contest!

Prize - Our newly released Cooke Creek Sheep Co. knit pattern kit (includes the yarn and the pattern) for a beautiful lacy, Coopworth scarf designed by Janelle! Check out her beautiful design work. Janelle did us proud. See the picture at right or in the previous post.

And on our farm website you can check out the beautiful Coopworth yarn for this new pattern. Coopworth is a dual purpose breed of sheep with great mothering attributes and known for having twins although I have a couple of ewes that have triplets every year. They are derived from Romney and Border Leicester breeds originally and so their wool has the luster of the BL and the crimp and length of the Romney. It's a nice yarn and easy on the hands. It's a natural color although it loves to be dyed if you're up to that. But I digress....back to the contest.

Rules - The name of the scarf can be anything that represents it well but it MUST include the word Coopworth...or Coop....or Coopy (if you're thinking along the lines of rhyming with Loopy, for instance) as we want to share with the knitter that this came from a certain kind of sheep that lives here on our farm. I don't care how long the name is, as long as it's catchy and to repeat, represents your impression of the scarf design. Please enter your choices in the comments section below this post. You can enter as many times as you like but please keep the comments short and sweet for this contest. You can write a novel any other time!

The winner will be announced on August 15th so please check back and don't forget if you're an anonymous commenter/entrant I will need your email somehow. This is not a draw-a-name-out-of-the-hat kind of contest but rather what name I like best from your entries. If it's a combination of 2 suggestions, both contributors will win the pattern.

Have fun, be creative and thanks for participating! The winner will be the first person to see the new pattern besides Janelle and myself. Can't wait to see what kind of creative minds we have out there.



  1. Lovely scarf and very nice design. Coopworth Copse is my suggestion; it reminds me of a snowy copse where the sheep would seek relief from a winter's storm.

  2. Coopworths Dancing Ripples
    Lacey flew the Coop
    Coop De Lace
    Coopworths Lace
    It's really gorgeous! Thanks for such a fun contest!

  3. Jami- That scarf looks like a dream to make and wear! It's beautiful. There, that's the name I choose- Coopworth Dream Scarf.

  4. Hi Jamie, are you keeping comments hidden for a while? I thought I put in my name of Coopworth Copse but don't see it here. Coopworth Copse because it looks like a hidey place for the sheep in a snow storm.

  5. I will be publishing the comments daily so you can all see what's been taken and what has not. I already see you are way more creative in naming things than I am....I love it! Keep 'em coming! This is going to be so much fun! As soon as we choose a name, the pattern and kit will go on sale on our Etsy site and the farm website. Hugs to all of you creative minds and good luck!

  6. I thought of those twin babies and their momma -
    Coopy's Snuggle Scarf or
    Coopy's Lace Snuggle.

    Beautiful yarn!

  7. Jami,
    I love this scarf, I think it should be called, The Coopworth Shepardess, It's so feminine yet rock steady, like a good shepardess should be.

  8. I thought such a fancy scarf should have a fancy name. One that came to mind is-
    Coop De Frill
    (like coupe de ville)

    So far all of the other names are lovely!!

  9. I see I am going to have a hard time choosing! There are a couple that just pop out at me but they are all great so far. Thanks and keep 'em coming! Increases your chances of winning. : )


  10. The scarf is just lovely!!! It's so lacy and reminds me of a snowflake. How about:

    Coopworth Filigree
    Coopworth Snowflake
    Coopworth SnowDrift

    Have a wonderful day Jami!


  11. This scark looks as soft as clouda floating by...therefore I came up with Coopworth's clouds of lace.

  12. As I was laying, thinking of your scarf, I could see your ewes roaming the green pasture and the sun peeking behind the clouds and thought of this....Coopworth's elegance of nature.

  13. Another suggestion for you:

    Wrapped in a Coopworth cloud

    Because it looks so airy and soft.

    Or: Embraced by a Coopworth

    Because it is si snuggly around your neck.

  14. The lace and solid sections reminded me of the game Chutes and Ladders, so how about

    Coops and Ladders

  15. Jami, all of the names are great and I finally found you here and I'm hooked up now.
    Beautiful scarf. I have no name suggestion. You've already got some really good ones in there. Take care!


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