Tuesday, March 30, 2010

When A Man Loves a Farmgirl....

He brings her flowers and she smiles. He takes her on a surprise destination anniversary trip every year and she's happy. He catches her horse for her when she wants to go for a ride and she's pleased. He is up in the night with her lambing and she's comforted. But he makes her swoon when....

after busting her shovel handle off transplanting overgrown bushes, he comes home and says "there's a surprise for you out in the garage." And there leaning against the wall so seductively is a handsome and steely new fiberglass handled gardening partner just for me! Oh be still my heart...he's a keeper...yes, the shovel, but the hubby first and foremost. He gets me like no one else.    


  1. When we were first dating my husband gave me tools...everyone made fun of him - but I was so happy! I get this!!

    Enjoy your new shovel!!

  2. Great post! My husband keeps my happy by making the money we need to live on this farm. I do my part but none of it would happen without him.
    You and I, Jami, are blessed women!

  3. Larry is a romantic devil, lucky you! 10 lambs hit the ground here yesterday...how are you doing?

  4. You are so lucky to have such a romantic guy! A new shovel...I am jealous! (Nice shovel).
    How is lambing going for you? We had 10 lambs yesterday. I started bottling one of the triplets this morning.
    Behind on the wool processing...I know you know what I mean when I say 24 hrs in a day is just not cutting it!
    Nice Blog!

  5. I knew my farmgirls would get this post! One ewe to go Sarita! She's holding out until maybe 2 or 3 a.m.??? Probably.

    Wow, 10 lambs, great day huh?

    Sandra, again, that's part of them getting us is knowing we are happiest when we're knee-deep in "it". We are all lucky and blessed gals, I so agree!
    But it's true, there are NEVER enough hours in the day but I'd sure am looking forward to sleeping through a few more of them once this last girl gets her job done!

    You gals are great! Thanks for stopping in.


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