Saturday, May 1, 2010

Check out this cute "new" sewing machine

Okay, so I'm driving home from town yesterday...see a bright pink "sale" sign on a telephone pole pointing to a dead end road. Wouldn't you know, my truck took the turn automatically so I had no choice but to stop in? There was the usual household stuff. I asked if they had any old sewing machines for sale and the gentleman said, "like an old treadle or something like that?" I told him, "nope, something electric." He said he did have one that they hadn't used in a long time and he hadn't thought of selling it. Went back to a room and came out with this cutie pie, a Sewmor 606, a Singer clone from the 50's, made in Japan. All metal. She's a straight stitch only machine in great condition and the stitch quality is excellent. He made me a deal I couldn't refuse. Just set her up in the old Singer cabinet, a family heirloom/gift from my MIL, Pat. Fits perfectly. Might have to keep her? (meaning the machine...of course I'm keeping my MIL. Ha!) I have a thing for machines as you might know by now. I cleaned her all up, oiled all of the parts that you oil and she purrs like a little kitten. Don't you love the little cubby where the thread sits? There are a few paint chips on the bed but otherwise, perfect condition! And this color! The picture doesn't do it justice...more of a green than this turquoise in the picture. Two-toned green...I could drive an old pickup this color from the 50' come everything from then has the cute factor going for it?  : )
Well, that's my find for the month. I've been sewing a ton lately with the crummo wind cranked up like a banshee, staying inside more than usual. The lambs and ewes are out on pasture full-time and are out the window of my enjoyable sight for sure. I'll get a picture soon and you can see too!

Over and out for now. Happy trails.


  1. wow, from the 50's? It looks like brand new now Jami - good find!

  2. LOVE that sewing machine,what a Great find!

  3. Jami, What a great find!! I would have not passed it up either! It is way too cute!!

  4. Looks like the bright pink sale sign was your lucky sign! LOL

    Beautiful baby pictures!


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