Saturday, May 22, 2010

Fresh from the Studio - "Windbreaker" Scarf

I get plenty of inspiration to create from the sheep and the colors of the seasons on the farm. Also, the weather...not sure if it's inspiration or necessity-- is the mother of invention and here in Ellensburg the wind blows A LOT. Not much in the winter but every other season it does blow much of the time.  I don't like wearing a coat so instead I wear scarves and a vest. My arms are free thataway. A girl's gotta be able to move around freely, well this girl anyhow.

Now I see that every clothing catalog coming in the mail lately, yes, even the summer ones, have the models wearing scarves. Linen, viscose...those look pretty and all but they do not keep you warm. They are accessories, not necessities. 

Introducing....drum roll.......the "Windbreaker Scarf". Using wool and fabric in a sewing project makes me happy. Added in some different ric-rac trims and it's extra fun. Here are a couple of designs so far. 
These scarves remind me of a mullett (spelling) know the saying about "business in the front; party in the back"? That's so corny really but makes me giggle nonetheless. Wellllll, these scarves are party on the outside and business on the inside although the wool felt is dyed to coordinate the fabric so they aren't too far from "party" either. Maybe I should have called them Mul.....nevermind. Way too weird.  

I will be listing some soon on the website and on Etsy and they will be for sale at the farmer's market in Ellensburg if we get accepted. I just put in an application. Keep your fingers crossed.
Happy trails until next time. 


  1. hi jami,
    nice to see your new creations.. been away for so long and nice to see you again..

  2. Oh, my goodness...those are just gorgeous...the color combinations are amazing..
    GREAT job.

  3. Thanks Carol! I appreciate the feedback. I get going on these and can't stop with the color combos. It's like finger painting as a kid! You back in WA yet for the season? Take care.

  4. Great idea and beautifully constructed! I hope you do well at the farmers' market.


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