Friday, June 11, 2010

Spring Road Trip - photo intensive

Happy Friday! I got the pictures of our road trip to Laramie, Wyoming off of my camera. Thought I'd share some gorgeous shots taken 2 weeks ago. Some are truly out the car window shots and others we actually stopped to shoot. When you drive 2,200 miles in 5 days (including the family visiting time), pretty soon, the hubby says "we've got to keep driving!" The drive to Wyoming from Washington (we take 2 different routes for variety to and fro) is truly a gorgeous one. The west is a fantastic landscape and although I am always saying I want to move to Ireland or some such craziness, I would not live anywhere else than the west. It's the wide open spaces for this girl!

And awayyyyyy we post I'll show you some flora and fauna close ups!

Happy trails.


  1. Wide open, and beautiful, Looks like Daisy likes a place where the antelope run too!

    Is that a pizza place right across the street from the prison?

  2. Yes, certainly is a pizza place next to the prison! Tourism in Montana...can't beat it!

    If truth be known, Daisy thought she was queen...AFTER we helped her up on top of the rock! LOL.

  3. Jami, thanks for the lovely pictures. I might never get to see that beautiful country in person so I will enjoy the trip with you.



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