Saturday, March 23, 2013

Surf's Up!

The water heater on Plain Jane was an easy fix...well, for me because my hubby took care of that. LOL. He cleaned out the vent pipe that goes through the roof and it had a big nest of some sort in it. Old...because I haven't seen any signs of mice or birds in the trailer. He also took the components out of the element and cleaned them up. It's working perfectly now. No money those kinds of repairs! Hot water in no time flat.

Daisy is rallying this week. she is out exploring right now after her weekly bath. I've upped her protein intake on food. That's all i can think of that is helping. More real meat (cooked) and less dog food. Plus my daughter has been out spending lots of time with her and Daisy loves the company while we're at work during the day.

Okay, so onto one of the highlights of our trip--surfers in Westport, WA. We pulled into a state park (can't remember the name right now) outside of Westport to have a picnic lunch while we were out exploring. First off, the parking lot was completely full and yet not that many people around. Almost turned back out to leave but I told hubby I was starving (this danged diet!) and I wanted to eat before we went trekking anywhere else. Must be a great hike somewhere I am thinking....but soon I am noticing all of these black suited (as in dry suits) people with funny dry-suit shoes and gloves on, just their faces showing. It felt like we had entered another world. Almost everyone looked the same. We found a parking space after a couple of rounds through the parking lot and ate our lunch while we watched these guys donning and undonning these suits, waxing their boards and listened to them talk about the waves, etc. Lots of pot-smoking going on. We began noticing that every single board had a camera on the very front. Hubby asked one of them what that was for and the reply was "vanity" and "my girlfriend likes to see my legs." Ha! We followed a couple of guys up and over a hill and found THIS! In the fog and very cold, brisk March THIS is where all of the passengers to all of the vehicles were. People were there with high-power lens cameras taking cool shots but I had my little Canon digital and it was foggy so here's the best I got. If you look close, you can see some guys wayyyyy out there. They look like they are walking on the water from the distance. This was really a cool discovery. I never knew surfing was such a big deal here in Washington.

Next time I'll show you my shots of sand patterns from the surf. I had lots of fun taking photos this trip.

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