Friday, March 15, 2013

Trip to Grayland, WA in the TravelEZE

Anniversary time rolled around this year and we chose to take my little travel trailer to the ocean. We booked a reservation at Grayland State Park on the Washington coast. The park was very nice with electric and water hookups, bathrooms, showers and pretty private campsites compared to many RV parks and campgrounds. Hubby is an outdoorsy guy who likes wilderness camping in a tent but it's too cold for that this time of year so instead of our usual hotel, we got Plain Jane ready to go. I had never used the hot water heater before, nor the heater, so we decided to test it out on the fly when we got there. We unwrapped her from her winter cocoon and went to flush out the water system of the anti-freeze and first thing...the water line under the sink was split and sprayed water all over. Clean-up ensued and a re-plumbing job. All fixed.

Got to the campground and started playing around with the heater and it fired up and worked great. The hot water heater was another matter. The flames were coming out of the orifice and up the side and scared us both. It would need a good cleaning and maybe a couple of parts. I'm thinking it might need more. So, no showers were taken in the trailer but the campground had very nice showers available. We had our own path to the beach.

It was clamming season. We will go back next year to clam and fish for crabs. We watched folks doing this from the docks in Westport. This is a beach that you can drive on which is pretty fun. There aren't too many of those left anymore.

The fun part of the trip was there was a yarn store right in little old Grayland! It was well-stocked and the owner, "Buhl" (spelling...sounds like bew-el) was a very nice lady with a cute little sidekick pup who didn't like hubby very much at first until he sat on the floor and played ball with her while I looked around.
It was a great long weekend even with the few glitches with the trailer. Repairs will soon be underway to update the water heater system and I think we should replace the holding tanks too. 

Little Daisy went with us on the trip. She is not feeling well lately. She has end-stage Cushing's disease and we thought we should take her on one last trip since she's been on so many with us..bittersweet for sure. She didn't do as well traveling as in the past. Her stamina for beach walking and hiking was just not there but the upside is that she was happy to cuddle up in her bed in the trailer or the truck while we drove around one day exploring places around. 

It's almost lambing time around here. I have more to post about....lots of fun photos from this trip that I will share and a new Baa'dgirl baa'g fresh out of the studio for all of my knitting and crocheting friends. Here's a sneak peek. They are $15 and are available through our website very soon. We had a contest on Facebook and the name that got the most votes was the All Ewe Need Baa'g....and here is one fabric...more to come!


  1. Looks like you had a great time. Isn't there always a yarn shop? (or fabric as the case may be) Wishing you both a happy anniversary.

    1. Especially on the coast I always seem to find one. This one was a little gem! Right next to the State Park. Give me some yarn, some beach and seafood and I'm a happy camper (pun intended).

      Thanks Sheri.


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