Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ewes to the drop pen

Last night we moved the ewes to the drop pen...the maternity ward for sheep. This is a production of sorts as we have to put the guard dog somewhere else. In this case, we put him in with the ram lambs for the time-being. He can't be in with the ewes lambing...just don't trust him that much! We'll let him back in with his girls when the lambs are a couple of weeks old. When moving sheep from pasture to pasture we must also move feeders, water troughs, minerals, portable shelters, water trough heaters, extension cords and so on. Refill the water troughs, move the dog house for the guard dog. It's just a big shift. It's weird not having the ewes out back where I can see them out the window easily. We have a covered shelter with lambing pens or jugs as we call them. The ewes that lamb go into the jugs with their lambs for a couple of days and then are put into a blending pen where we put several ewes with their lambs and then out a back gate to a small pasture with a shelter where they have access to pasture. Of course the pasture is not in yet but I see a few blades of grass trying to grow. It's been so cold but it's supposed to warm up soon. Once we get some good temps the pasture will grow in nicely. Until it's in we are feeding twice a day. The ewes look great. Tomorrow is the first day they are due but we might have a surprise tonight, just never know! We're on "butt" patrol from here on out at regular intervals through the night.


  1. We're waiting anxiously for your new lambies! My daughter Em was asking about them today & we had to come check the blog!

    Be sure to keep us posted (but we know you're busy!) and add some pics too!

  2. Poor lambs, having to be born in snow but that's better than cold, rain and wind. A few hours ago I saw a hint of suggestion there may still be sun up in the sky but nope, stormy weather since my man and I ain't,
    wait a minute...that's Porgy and Bess! Sorry.

  3. Oh how glad I am that that's not me anymore.....sorry it's just nice to be done lambing and seeing those little babies running around playing. Tell us as soon as the lambs come, and tell us what they are. Hope everything goes GREAT!

  4. that must be a lot of work.. i highly admire you..


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