Saturday, March 21, 2009

Some lambs pics

Here are the pics of lambs so far. We had 2 ewes lamb yesterday, this one with a set of twins and another one with a large single ewe lamb (in the coat at the bottom). Stay tuned!!! Lots more on the way.

First set of twins of 2009, 2 ram lambs.

A big vigorous should see her eat!


  1. Adorable!!! This is a lot of work!!!! I had no idea what all went into raising sheep- I'm guessing you guys must be very fit !!!!

  2. Yes, it's not for sissies, Autumn, that's for sure! Hey Peggy, they are cute and so sweet at this age. Had 3 more yesterday and it's kind of off they are being so slooowwwww this year! They all look like they will surely burst if it's not soon!
    I'll get more pics today and post them manana.


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