Sunday, March 29, 2009

The good, the bad and the ugly

Good Sunday morning friends. Last night was a no-lamb night but nevertheless I did get up and check on the ewes 3-4 times in the ever-blowing, never-ending wind we're having. Whew, it was a cold one, let me tell you. Had a set of twins right before bedtime and had them under a heat lamp with coats on in the back of the shed.

Night before last, the vet was out at 2:30 a.m. to deliver a dead lamb and a live lamb out of one of our best ewes. She was in labor for a long time and we tried and tried to sort out the lambs but this was meant for a professional and even he had troubles getting them out. We're actually pretty good at getting malpositioned lambs out so when it's too tough for us, it's just a plain mess.

So, lost one lamb so far, have 30 lambs out there and we're about halfway through our lambing. We've trimmed feet on the ewes as they leave the jugs/pens, lambs are vaccinated with the selenium booster, tagged and banded for tails or castration or both. We take off their coats and they are out to the blending pens to get used to sticking with their mothers in a small group before they go out with the larger group.

Yesterday I took 3 naps! Today is also a day of rest although we're out checking on ewes at regular intervals. Another week and we might be done! I'll get some more pictures soon.

Happy trails! Jami


  1. You're such a good shepherd and steward, Jami! Thanks for the update and best prayers for what the future brings you.

  2. Get some rest girl........those lil babies are going to need you. Of course, you'll be right there with your special animal loving :)

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  3. hi have you receive my comments yet? just checking if it works now. thanks..

  4. Hi Loida, yes I got this one! And have received some before too. Always great to hear from you.

    Reggie Girl, I know you're cut from the same cloth, dear.

    Thanks! I will check in with your blogs soon I promise!

  5. Oh I'm so glad to see pictures!! Get some rest when you can - 3 naps! It reminds me of having a newborn baby!! So exhausting but so happy.


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