Thursday, February 11, 2010

A good use for a pop box and thoughts on decorating

Found this old Pepsi case in our storeroom and I saw this idea on another crafty blog and thought I'd try it out. All of my craft paints fit in the 12 partitions of the box and I've got it sitting on an antique Singer sewing table with drawers (no machine inside, yet) so I stored all of the brushes in the drawers. It is a good use for the box. One more box of "stuff" organized! I can step into my closet now but still got a bit of a ways to go until it's back to a walk-in closet! : ) 
I've been reading lots of blogs on crafts and decorating lately trying to get inspired for some of these updates I've been doing. Though they are all inspiring, as it's always fun to look at decorating ideas, many of them are too fancy for my taste or just plain too expensive to do the projects. Also, the beach house look is cute, but not my style either and this seems to be the new style at least on these blogs. I was asking a friend the other day what a simple farmhouse style is with not a lot of stuff sitting around to dust. She told me it's called Modern Country. Go figure. I'm going to call my style Modern Jami cause it's not a total style in and of's borne of pure laziness in my desire to not dust so much stuff sitting around. Floors and furniture I can do...a bunch of knick knacks...not so much! We don't have A/C so in the nicer months we have our windows open for fresh air and cool air and have I mentioned we live on a farm???? It's windy, dusty, dirty, sometimes smelly and downright farmy. Gotta dust almost every day. Honestly, in the nice weather, I'd rather be outside in the garden or yard or on a horse, so I'm over cutesy little stuff sitting around gathering dust while my stone has no moss on it. Ya know?
Well, I've rambled on enough today. I'm painting an old wooden fruit box tomorrow that I will be using for maybe a shelf or something. I'll include you in on the process just in case you've got some old wooden box around that you can transform into something useful that you're not embarrassed to have people see. : )

Happy trails until next time. 


  1. Ha ha! Modern farm is my style! I like clean spaces and colors but practicality has finally settled here. A boot bench for muddy boots at the FRONT and back doors. Cat food dishes on the porch, hopefully out of harm's way from marauding and hungry coyotes intent on eating the cat food AND the cat, a place just inside the back door for depositing all the dirty work gloves and soggy, muddy coats....a place on the counter for baskets full of fresh eggs that still have a feather or two and a spot of chicken **** on the bottom...a clutter of lambing supplies and necessities, need i go on? I think you know too.

  2. EXACTLY Kathy! I like your name the best so far. Modern farm. That's it for sure here too. Practical modern farm. How's that? I have been trying to find some decorating ideas to freshen things up around here but just cannot find what I'm looking for with the minimalist styling and yet no little cute stuff sitting around looking all en vogue and "balanced". Ha. Lambing hasn't hit here yet but soon and my lambing kit is ready at the door and my house smells like NutriDrench. That stuff smells so strong! I'm going to write a post on that soon on lambing...once it hits. This weekend we're giving pre-lambing shots. Thanks for the comment.


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