Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Studio Revamp

I've been telling you about redoing my studio. I have some pics of the update thus far. Now, keep in mind, I'm not done as I'm using an old sheet to cover up a table until I make something. 
So, I sold the fancy Viking machine. Using my old boat anchor Singer 15-91 and my old serger until I find the best industrial model for making the purses, bags, jeans, etc. In keeping with my simplifying motto, I got rid of my $1 desks that I got at the university surplus sale a couple of years back. They were great but used up too much room and I needed a less cluttered and packed looking space. I cannot and will not show you my closet at the moment though! LOLLL. It's BAAAAD. Excuse the sheep pun, but hey, it's all about sheep around here most of the time. 
I did finish my cutting/work table idea. Got 2 Wally World $15 bookshelves and put them back to back under the 36" tall and 36" square thrift/vintage shop table I got for $75 with 2 stools. It's a really cute table and if I ever hit the Powerball winning numbers and buy some fancy schmancy setup, I will still enjoy this table possibly by the front door near a window to play chess at or do puzzles. Doesn't that sound quaint?

Anyhow, thought I'd show you some pictures and a vintage sheep poster from the American Sheep Industry years ago. I imagine not many people have this poster anymore so I'm proud to have it. 
So far, I've recovered a lamp shade and that's about it. Just rearranged furniture and tables I had, got rid of a bunch of stash and trash and got the new table. Oh yea, put up a white board that is magnetic as well and I love that puppy! I can do "note to self" all i want. Even the pens are magnetic and stick to the board. I bought some magazine holders that are cardboard and covered them with fabric and labels using heat'n'bond ultra too. Handy stuff. Even painted my trash cans! Yes, they make a nice aerosol paint that covers plastic, Rustoleum brand. 
Happy trails....


  1. Jami, That is a great idea with the book shelves! I like the table! I love how clean and simple the room looks! My craft area is in need of a good cleaning! I dyed fiber all weekend and I still have piles of wool laying around that is still damp! This darn wet weather has not been very cooperative to getting things dry!

    I love the poster!

  2. Thanks Monica. I really felt the need to simplify my space and feel uncluttered in mind and spirit...well, the body is slow but sure. I listed a bunch of craft books for sale on and just evaluating the things I will use and those that are stash and will stay stash status. No point, ya know?

  3. Hey girl-it looks great! My sewing room looks like a bomb went off in it!!!
    Wanna come clean and organize my space??

  4. Autumn! I love to organize and clean. I'm sick in the head...but still you can't look in my closet just yet!

  5. Jami, I think I could get lots of work done in your neat studio! Way to go girl.


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