Tuesday, February 16, 2010

"Tin" Backsplash, finished?

Ta-da, wa-la! It is finished. Took 2 coats of the paint and shines pretty well when the lighting is good but when it's gloomy it's kind of dark....so, jury is out on if it will stay as-is or get a makeover....as in a lighter coat of paint matching the walls and "wiped" over before it's dry for an antique effect. I think it would look nice with the tin color showing through the paint making it look old and worn. We all have more character when we're old and worn, right? 

Here's mine.  In triplicate.  Not sure if it needs a coat of polyurethane (acrylic) or not for some wipeability? We'll see. I have more home improvements to show you but got a busy week going with work and preparing for shearing this coming weekend. They'll wait for now. 

Here are the tiles you can buy and I see these are cheaper than the ones I saw at Dome Hepot, but I'm happy enough with the Paintable Solutions solution. No big commitment and it was a fun project. Happy trails...

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