Monday, February 16, 2009

Postponed Shearing

Well, in the end the weather just didn't cooperate for shearing yesterday. I baked some homemade bread and we roasted a leg of lamb and had an inside day...well I did. DH was outside doing things like he always is. Got the new cover on the Costco carport we use for lambing. Yeah, I keep reminding you of how thrifty we are, but this carport hooked to a shed we have has worked great for lambing the past 3 years but now the cover has gotten torn up in the winds we have. Found a company in Moses Lake that makes replacement covers for them, so wa-la! Another year we have postponed having a barn, all for about $100. Can't beat that!

So we shear next Thursday and the forecast looks great for it, so let's cross our fingers! I'm off work today so best get outside for a couple of pruning projects.


  1. Wonderful find with the new topper! That's wonderful. Good luck and best wished for the shearing! Hope it stays dry.

  2. Thanks. We need the luck...gotta get this big yearly chore over with before we start lambing!

  3. I love it when I can find ways to do things cheaply! I am enjoying our 3 sheep but wish we had lambs.


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