Thursday, February 5, 2009

Time to restock the store

I have a dilemma. My Etsy store is out of stock and I have not restocked it for a couple of reasons. I haven't had time to craft much lately for one...2 jobs is the main reason besides the sheep, and I am contemplating opening an Etsy or BluBird Store (no fees) with our farm name, Cooke Creek Sheep Co. I am not sure why I opened the first store called Farmhouse Flair. I was in a real MaryJane's Farm mode then and although I really enjoy her magazine, I am just not into going to the forum that much anymore. Again, this is a time issue for me, nothing more to read into that, so please don't.

I do love the name Farmhouse Flair because the sheep name implies we only have wool and that limits people in their thinking. However, I have sold hardly anything on Etsy so I may be giving it too much thought. I have more success selling directly off of our farm website and through the LYS. So, if you have any input, I'd appreciate it, as I feel kind of brain dead about this issue for some reason. I think work is just getting to me and the winter blahs. This too shall pass. Happy trails.


  1. I've gone back and forth about this myself - I'm thinking I want a new Etsy shop name so I can stock different kinds of items, but I also don't want to loose the feedback score in my old shop. If you don't have that much to lose in the way of old sales, I'd change it. Having everything everywhere listed as the farm name makes lots of sense. I *totally* have the Winter blahs!

  2. Hello Jami,

    Thanks for stopping by my place today. :0) I'm always glad to hear from you. I've read and thought about your Etsy situation. I have never sold on Etsy but I do buy from there at times and do alot of looking. The concept is a wonderful one but if it were my baby it would be juried.

    That way it would not become flooded with so many of the same goods. From what I understand and it makes that you need to be uploading something everyday to be pulled into the searches. And also in your introduction area to change the wording somewhat very frequently..this also helps pull you up in the searches better.

    The same rings true if you are blogging so that Google sees you alot and picks you up. I'm used to having my own website like you do and enjoy the freedom that I have with it.

    I haven't heard of the other platform you mentioned that is free. I will take a look at it...They don't even charge an EOS free?? They must have a lot of sponsors paying for ads to be able to do that.

    Well, before this becomes a book I'll just say...stick with your gut feeling. I've learned that our intuition about things is usually right!

    Try to get some rest...come by for a visit anytime. :0)

    Queen of Dreamsz

  3. Me again..I forgot to say that I really like the "Farmhouse Flair" name. :0)


  4. I don't know - I like both. I was searching for you & there are a lot of farmhouse ___ shops. Is the same true with your actual farm name?

    I don't think that people will rule out your shop just because of the name.

    You've been hearted & I'll keep checking to find where you end up - I think I'd really like some local yarn!!!

    BumbleBaby Mommy


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