Saturday, February 7, 2009

Thanks for the feedback

Thanks for the feedback on the Etsy store idea, changing names, listing more, putting more effort into the store, etc. This online commerce thing is an up and down road and I end up putting too much time into it for not much in return. I accept responsibility for not going all out on it...just so many hours in the day and I know you all know that feeling. I am a real face-to-face type of person so the internet is a love/hate relationship for me. It's necessary in so many ways for our farm but it can also suck the hours out of a perfectly wonderful day to where you do nothing but sit in front of the computer and get nothing accomplished in the long run.

I have some paying job issues right now and think one of them is going farewell in about 4 months so possibly if I have some more time, I can devote more effort to pursuing the online store. Stephanie had some great feedback. I know it takes real active posting and listings to be successful on Etsy. You know, I think I've just got the blahs and once I can get outside and farming becomes more active, I won't have time to think about this stuff. Ha.

Speaking of being outside, I have to run. I'm defrosting my freezer today before that locker lamb is ready from the butcher. Off I go.

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