Saturday, January 30, 2010

Fake Fur Laptop Case. Purrrfect!


Boy howdy, was this a project. First, I had decided that I needed a case for my laptop which was a Christmas present from my DH. I love the new laptop as it can go with me into the studio and I can be techno girl and sew at the same time! 


Figured a case doesn't have to be boring and black and I didn't need anything too secure as I don't plan on flying with this or anything. Remember, I'm a homebody sort of girl or got my truck with me wherever I go. Anyhoooo, I used up some fabric we got at the Pacific Fabrics Outlet store on 4th Avenue in Seattle. That's a fun store right there! Used fleece scraps for the inside so as to not scratch the computer and to use some of my stash. I love to use it up! (So I can buy more? Nawwwww.)

It has a snap closure and a front pocket to store the mouse and power cord and that's all I wanted. Store-bought handles connected with some vinyl scraps sewn to the bag finish off the bag. Those vinyl scraps I bought at Pacific Fabrics have been really useful. I made the gusset around the bag with this same brown vinyl as well.

I guess you might not think a fur-look would be my style but I like it. Now I have to go vacuum my sewing room. The fur went flying when I did any cutting on it. *Giggles*

So, I am thinking of making a few of these to put in my Etsy shop. What do you think? Happy trails until next time.


  1. Very Nice! Makes it more special you did the work yourself.

  2. Jami, It is so good to have you back on Farmgirl! We have missed you a lot! I love the bag! I think you ought to do some for etsy! I really think they would sell!


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