Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pita bread results

Continuation of the pita pockets from this great recipe site ...

They turned out super! Soft and substantial, big enough to make a real sandwich and hearty enough (hardy?) to not fall apart when you stuff them. I do have to tell you I thought of the people in Colorado's "balloon" stunt when I saw them baking in the oven though. LOL! Maybe they should be called space ship pitas?

This is a keeper recipe and did take more steps than the first one I tried that the dogs enjoyed. Now I know, right? You do 2 risings just like making loaf yeast breads.

They bake on metal cooling racks which I use for cookies and such.

You grab them out of the oven (they only bake for 5 minutes!) and throw into a damp cloth until cool. This keeps them soft. Then I put them in a recycled bread sack and store them in the fridge. I'm having one for lunch today and it's delicious. Wayyyy better than store-bought.

They flatten out after you bag them up, by the way.
So, got a question for you. Have any of you read The Sheepfarmer's Daughter by E. Moon? I heard it's good but I'd like a recommendation before I start hunting it down.
Think I'll tell you more about the Flickr picture editor next time. I need to get to the rest of this day. Trying to stick to more of a schedule for myself. I love working at home but it's easy for the day to be dawdled away on "diversions" know how it goes.
Happy trails until next time.

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  1. Oh boy do these look good. I am waiting to read about anyone who has read the book, sounds interesting though.


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