Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Time marches on....

Howdy friends. Time does heal us up pretty well, ya know. I am feeling good and getting my mojo back. We got through the holidays and now it's time to forge on. Don't get me wrong, it's important to take some time to mourn our losses but I'm not much of a pitty-party kind of girl so it's time to continue on the trail I'm blazing. Time marches on and we need to spend it wisely.

So, along with probably half of the world I am "turning over a new leaf" for 2010. Not only did I turn 50 on the 1st...yikes! That along with the loss of my mom made me feel that a double-take of my life was necessary. So, I have been reading lots, evaluating priorities and sticking to new schedules I've created and getting organized and....yes....I'm on a diet. Several reasons, health, feeling good, getting my fat behind on my new horse, Molly, in the spring, and now...cancer. All studies reveal obesity is a contributor to the cancer equation and with my family history, it's more of a reality for me than a "someday" type of thing. Ouch. So, time to get a few pounds off and keep them off.

Goodness but dieting is a chore...I know, you're not supposed to call it a diet. It's a WAY OF LIFE from now on. Just drag me behind on a car on a gravel road, why don't you? Ha ha. It's that much fun.

Both DH and I are following the eating plan in The Belly Fat Cure. It's basically the same thing as other low carbohydrate diets you've seen out there. No sugar and not too many carbs although this has enough to keep me satisfied. There are some great simple recipes in the book too. Right now I'm raising pita pocket bread in preparation for baking. The pizzas in the book using these for crusts are great. I am having a hard time finding them at any grocery store in town, the whole wheat, no sugar I found this recipe here and so far, so good. First recipe I tried yesterday....well, let's just say the dogs are STILL chewing on them! Ha.

So, they are rising now under this towel. I'll post how they bake up tomorrow along with some some fun I've been having playing with pictures on Flickr. You can edit your pics and frame them and put captions and text, etc. In this edit mode it uses another program. Again, manana.

Happy trails until then.

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