Thursday, January 29, 2009

Butcher Day

Well, we've finally gotten around to butchering lambs today. It's always a solemn day for me as of all of our lambs, the ram lambs tame down naturally and they are all silly and butting each other and wrestling like a bunch of boys out in the pasture all the live-long day. But we are meat eaters too and know we raise meat animals so that is just the way it is. I still do grow attached to them but I am not one to put human attributes to an animal. It's not the way it's supposed to be. They are animals and meat animals at that. I know some will differ with me on that opinion but it's important to me to keep it real.

Back to the butchering...we don't do it ourselves but have a small state-inspected meat plant do the deed. They come to the farm with a truck and do it so I can oversee the whole process and make sure it's done humanely and with as little drama and trauma as possible. Now it's time to defrost my freezer and get it ready for our lamb. We have quite a few customers who just love to eat lamb and are doing the same. It's really interesting how these people have found us but we are glad they have! Anyhow, saved back 3 ram lambs for breeding prospects and we shear the ewes and the boys too in 2 weeks. It's getting busier and busier here on the farm and before you know it we'll be lambing. Then is when the fun starts. That's when I'll be posting some very cute pictures. Remember in a previous post I talked about seasons on the's beginning to look a lot like spring from the activities we have going on and the weather is starting to cooperate too. The good 'ol Ellensburg wind is kicking up pretty strong, very typical for us this time of year. Over and out for now.


  1. I wish we were raising our own meat,too. I'm afraid I do "humanize" the animals a bit-and you're right-makes it very difficult to slaughter.
    We did raise a pig once :) and butchered it ourselves- but it was a lot of work. I'd love to have someone come do the slaughtering part-great idea!

  2. I do think about the butchering and how rough it will be. We're still new. In fact, just talking about building the country place and planning for pens and animals. My thought was the same - use a facility. Anyhow. Just wanted to say hi - I happened here via my good friend Peggy at Hidden Haven. Awesome blog, and I'll add myself to your follow list so I can come back often!

  3. Yeah I raise meat lambs too. I also tend to "humanize" my little boys too.... I also don't butcher mine myself.


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