Saturday, January 24, 2009

It's been a while....

Gosh, it's been 10 days since my last post. Busy. Tax time (ugh) and getting ready to butcher some locker lambs, getting customer orders and cutting instructions. Then last night DH's pack horse, Charlie, was acting "off" so we caught him and investigated and he has a huge wound that is spurting out green stuff and blood on his chest so he's off to the vet this morning. We did what we could for him last night with a shot of penicillin and betadine wash, etc. What a mess it was. Good thing it's cold out and there are no bugs around or it would be full of maggots and all of the nasty critters that like to live off of a wound. Gross, huh? Well, it's the real deal and that's what you'll get from me every time!

So, I've been plain busy! How about my bloggy friends. Whatcha been doin? Still in a frozen fog weather-wise here but supposed to clear out here soon according to the weatherman.

We did give all of the ewes their yearly shots last weekend. It wasn't easy with as much wool as they have on right now. Got to call the shearer and make an appointment.

Over and out for now.

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