Friday, January 2, 2009

The reality of a farm in winter

The feeding path from the hay to the livestock.
Winter is hard on the farm, no way around it. It's do-able but it's still a challenge for both human and critter. Today we woke up to 30-40 mph winds and blowing snow. Yesterday the guard dog, Sterling, had softball sized snowballs stuck to his back feet and was having trouble walking. DH got them off but this morning Sterling is barking and hanging at the gate a lot...really wanted to get out of the pasture this morning. He has a house to get in out of the wind and he can go to the shelter too, but he's just had his fill today I guess. Thankfully the sun is coming out and even though it's not going to be high temps today the sun will help. He's a good boy. Might have to let him in the garage tonight if the weather doesn't improve for a break. He deserves it and the sheep aren't going out into the field far right now so I don't think the coyotes will come this close to the house where the sheep are sleeping at night.

The sheep are in the shelter today after their breakfast. They don't mind snow but with wind combination makes them take shelter. The horses have no reprieve. They are out on pasture and have to tough it out. We feed extra but I just fret and worry. DH says they're made for it with their winter coats. He takes a tougher stance than I do. I want a BARN! A real barn and not another stupid shed.

Here's the spot where DH and I sit and have our coffee in the morning before work...ha..not right now of course, but reminds me of warmer days! We can see the mountains and the sheep/pastures there including the horses...nice spot.
'Nuff said...I am thankful for the sun shining today and thankful we have a tractor being repaired to plow the driveway. Now I just need to practice patience. Easier said than done.

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  1. Hey Jami-
    I thought I left a comment here earlier today- so if you get 3 just delete them I guess.
    Anyway- I just had to tell you those mountains are magnificent!!!!!
    Beautiful picture of your sheep!


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