Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Winter weather - always a surprise

Here's a picture of the path I showed you a couple of days back.

We had 50 mph gusts last night and then it began to rain and rain and rain. We don't get a lot of rain so it was quite an interesting sight to wake up to...the fields are spotted with snow but mostly grass is showing through, though dead and brown, the sheep have gone out and are grazing this morning. This is something they haven't done for a while now. We have a "lake" at our front door from the snow melting off of the roof last night. DH is worried about the run off from the's warm up there too and raining so that affects the snow pack and our future irrigation water come spring. I'm saying prayers today for the folks on the west side of the state, especially farmers - flooding is eminent. Last year many many head of livestock were lost in the severe flooding and I hope and pray there isn't a recurrence.

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  1. Crazy weather huh? I'm getting an education about the north country!


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