Thursday, January 8, 2009

A wooly lady in waiting

Here in this weird spring atmosphere in January (fleeting I am thinking) one of the girls, a lady in waiting wondering what in the heck is going on. It looks like spring, it feels like spring with the notorious Ellensburg wind blowing away. It's almost time for shearing, another month and she'll get off that thick coat of wool that has been keeping her insulated from the weather. This is a Coopworth ewe, no name, just one of the girls who produce a fine set of twins for us every year. She has great wool that is available as yarn and roving. Clara from Knitter's Review said it was a fantastic yarn representing the Coopworth breed exceptionally. Isn't that cool? Proud sheep-mom here.


  1. Hurray for exceptional wool - gotta love the girl - she gets a new coat every year!

  2. How pretty she is!!!!
    I am hoping to try my hand at spinning soon.
    I have some roving that a farmgirl traded for some books.
    It's been like spring here for a bit as well.
    I can hardly wait!!! I am ready for warm weather.

  3. hi jami, nice to know you.. i am quite amazed by the life you lead there.. it is myself and my husband's wish to have our own farm when we retire from our current jobs. not sheep but we're thinking of pigs, goats and horses. i will read more of your blogs from this day forward and learn from your experience. thanks jami. God bless..

  4. Hi there 2L3B's (what a name there, girl!). Thanks for popping into my blog-land life. It is a wonderful life, ups and downs like everyone else, but I don't want to trade anyone as of yet! I'll enjoy reading about your life in China and all of those L's and B's you've got in the family. Thanks for stopping in and nice to "meet" you too! Jami


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